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Advice on how to choose the best jewelry display cases

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Advice on how to choose the best jewelry display cases
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Many customers may feel overwhelmed when they find retail displays  and see just how many types and sizes of jewelry display cases we have available. Here are some advice you may need to know when it comes to choosing the best jewelry display cases:

It should be better to choose showcases that are equipped with pull-out decks for easier jewelry placement, presentation and removal. This will certainly ease your work.

The storage in the jewelry cabinets may be with sliding doors or hinged doors. Make sure you pick the right ones, because when you will place the cabinet in a certain area it will have to fit and avoid discomfort.

Use glass showcases to not only merchandise, but also to create an area to interact with customers. Everything that is visible is promoted, and if you want to keep some elements of surprise, you simply put them in a drawer.

Make sure that you don’t purchase to high tower showcases. You just need to make sure that an average person would find it comfortable to watch what you’ve displayed.

Pedestal cases are best to be positioned in a central place or somewhere visible and accessible from any direction. Also, remember not to put too many items on this kind of showcases, as they are meant for special products. You may display what’s most precious or expensive item in your store. Pedestal cases provide a limited space for presenting items, and this is why you may consider purchasing this kind of display cases when you want to highlight a really precious product.

Choosing jewelry showcases with keyed lock that can protect your precious jewelry items from theft. Even though it can’t be 100% to keep your jewelry items safe, it will certainly lower the risk.

If you can’t make up your mind on what kind of display cases fit your business, please kindly contact Elite Plus.We will offer you the professional advice about it.

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