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Materials used for display furniture

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Materials used for display furniture
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There are a lot of materials can be used for manufacturing display furniture,such as wood,glass,acrylic and metal.These four materials are used the most.


Wood materials can be divided into engineered wood and solid wood. The materials such as middle density fiberboard (MDF), plywood and fire retardant board are in common use for custom display showcases. Wood materials can be fabricable, lower price ,easy to obtain and made into various shapes and effects as well.


Glass has a good visibility, which is good for showing the items. The cost for glass is lower and it has a good display effect.That’s why many shopkeepers would like to choose it for their stores to display their products.


The display case that made of acrylic is very lightweight, so if your walls are not terribly supportive or if you just don't want to deal with moving around a heavy display case, an acrylic display might be the best bet for you. Acrylic is also a very durable material. It's shatterproof, so if you're displaying your memorabilia collection in a home with pets or children, it might be a good idea to invest in an acrylic display case. If it gets bumped and falls to the floor, there won't be any damage to the case. Finally, acrylic is the most optically pure display furniture material.


Metal, especially stainless steel and aluminum are indispensable in manufacturing display furniture. It is used for shaping the structure of the cabinet and decoration as well.It is used for high-end stores or places,because of its complex and delicate workmanship,special style and luxury temperament.

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