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Tips for picking the right display cases for your retail store

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Tips for picking the right display cases for your retail store
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No matter what products you are selling, you’ll need plenty of cases to display your products. Here are some tips for you to pick the right display cases for your retail store:


When shopping for retail display cases, pay close attention to the size. Some of the most basic display cases are designed as free-standing towers with just 2-3 shelves, while others are long counter-top cases with mirrored sides for increased vision. You need to know how much products you are going to display, and then choose the size that’s right for you.


Of course, you’ll also need to determine exactly how many display cases your store needs. Places like jewelry stores and electronic stores would obviously benefit from a greater number of display cases simply because most of their product requires them. On the other hand, convenience stores may only require a couple display cases for the more valuable products. Determine how much product and store space you have before selection an amount.


The other main objective of a retail display case is to make certain products more visible and easier for customers to see. Things like watches, necklaces, rings and other jewelry work best in display cases simply because they are easier to see. If you are using them for this reason, make sure the case offers mirrored sides that reflect the back of the product. Also, some display cases have lights built in that offer a great amount of illumination to highlight your products.

Safety and Locking Mechanisms

Shoplifting can be such a troublesome problem that it forces some retail businesses to close from loss of profits. You need to take the necessary precautions to protect your business and products from shoplifting. Placing your valuable products into a locked display case is a simple and effective way to prevent shoplifters from getting their hands on it. Just remember to keep them locked and safely secured where no one can reach in and grab them.

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