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Why can’t we quote for the customers at first?

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Why can’t we quote for the customers at first?
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Most of customers will pay close attention to the price, when consulting about the display showcases. In that case, our customer service agents are hard to provide customers with an accurate quotation data, as the quotation of display showcase depends on the budget expense of making display showcases according to drawing dimension. Without confirming about the areas, styles, materials and the grade of display showcases, we can’t give an exact answer about the quotation.

If we quote casually, it’s just not respectful to our customers .Elite Plus is a professional manufacturer of making display showcases, we must be responsible for our customers .At the same time, we have a professional technology team to calculate the quotation as per the sizes,styles and materials of display showcases which  are provided by customers to calculate a total price .And then we will list a  reasonable budget about making a display showcase .It effectively avoids the embarrassing situation, while finished the installation of showcase finding something left to quote .

Of course, it won’t happen to Elite Plus. If you have no idea about the display showcases layout of your store, we will give you free design assistance so that you can see accurately scaled 3D renderings of your space and the display showcases you want. Please feel free to contact us to get professional advice from us.

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